The base url for API calls is https://jitpack.io/api.


Get all builds for a project and build outcomes.

GET /builds/:groupId/:artifactId

For example, the project https://github.com/jitpack/maven-simple will have the path: /builds/com.github.jitpack/maven-simple

and a full url:

curl https://jitpack.io/api/builds/com.github.jitpack/maven-simple


  "com.github.jitpack" : {
    "maven-simple" : {
      "1.1" : "ok",
      "1.0" : "ok",
      "0.5" : "Error",
      "0.1" : "ok"

Builds are ordered by time when they were executed.

Single build

Get a single build for a project and it’s outcome.

GET /builds/:groupId/:artifactId/:tag

To delete a build and it’s artifacts use:

DELETE /builds/:groupId/:artifactId/:tag

You need to be authenticated when deleting a build and your user needs to have push permissions to the git repository. Note that you can only delete failed builds, snapshot builds or tag builds newer than 7 days. Older versions can’t be deleted because there could be builds depending on those versions.

Example: /builds/com.github.jitpack/maven-simple/1.0

Latest build

Get the latest build by tag. Tags are compared according to semantic versioning.

GET /builds/:groupId/:artifactId/latest

Get the latest build that was successfull.

GET /builds/:groupId/:artifactId/latestOk


API for private repositories uses basic authentication using your authentication token as the username. You can find your token on https://jitpack.io/private.

curl -uTOKEN: https://jitpack.io/api/builds/:groupId/:artifactId/:tag  

Search for releases based on project name.

GET /search?q=text

will find all projects that contain the given text in their name or groupId.

The result consists of project name and a list of releases. For example:

  "com.github.jitpack:gradle-simple" : [ "1.0.4", "1.0.3" ],
  "com.github.jitpack:maven-simple" : [ "1.0", "0.1" ],
  "com.github.jitpack:android-example" : [ "1.0.5.rc1", "v1.0.4" ],

Up to 50 results are returned by default and can be tweaked using &limit=10 parameter.

To find a project by artifactId only use q=:gradle-simple. To find a project by groupId only use q=com.github.jitpack:.

Download Statistics

See weekly and monthly download stats

GET /downloads/:groupId/:artifactId

For example,

curl https://jitpack.io/api/downloads/com.github.jitpack/gradle-modular

Get download stats for individual versions

GET /downloads/:groupId/:artifactId/:tag