Publish an Android library

In order to publish your Android library on JitPack you just need a working build file in your Git repository.

Android SDK is available in the build environment and ANDROID_HOME variable is already set when the build starts. Builds are run with Java 8 by default but can be configured using a jitpack.yml file.


To enable building on JitPack you need to configure the maven-publish Gradle plugin to publish your library as explained in the Android documentation.


Check that your library can be installed to mavenLocal ($HOME/.m2/repository):

./gradlew publishToMavenLocal

// or if you named your publication "release"
./gradlew publishReleasePublicationToMavenLocal

Create your release

If everything wen well in the previous step, your library is ready to be released! Create a GitHub release or add a git tag and you’re done!


Users of your library will need add the repository:

allprojects {
 repositories {
    maven { url "" }


dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.jitpack:android-example:1.0.1'

Note: do not add the repository under buildscript

Adding a sample app

If you add a sample app to the same repo then your app needs to depend on the library. To do this in your app/build.gradle add a dependency in the form:

dependencies {
    implementation project(':library')

where ‘library’ is the name of your library module.